Please go through the 5 steps below in order and prior to our upcoming session together. It will ensure we’ve covered off on most of the basics and allow us to spend more time focused on your specific business when we do sit down together.

01. Introduction

Please watch this short introduction video with founder and client strategy director Trent Butler to find out what you can expect on the up coming zoom call and how to get the most out of this ‘pre-meeting-homework’ information page.

02. Should You Do Marketing?

Please watch this short video and audit yourself and your business against these three important criteria to help decide whether or not marketing is the right ‘next step’ for you.

03. Three PHASES OF Successful ROI Based Marketing

Please watch this short video to learn the three phases of successful ROI based marketing and the unique way in which we partner with our clients across these three distinct stages.

After watching, please click on the attachments linked below to dive deeper into some of the concepts discussed in the video:

04. A Few Select Case Studies & Client Testimonials

Read some select case studies from other professional service business owners who have engaged us as their marketing partner to help take their business to the next level. 

…quick to act and our lead volume increased considerably.

“After dealing with various online marketing solutions and becoming frustrated with their ‘one size fits all’ approach, I engaged Butler & Co to handle our digital marketing. In short, Butler & Co have been fantastic to work with!

We firstly worked on our marketing strategy and with their approach I feel they really captured the essence of our business and gained a thorough understanding of our unique strengths in a way that would allowed us to efficiently leverage those strengths and grow our business.

Once we started executing the marketing plan, the team was quick to act and our lead volume increased considerably. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Butler & Co to any sized service business.”


Locate Buyers Agency,

We’ve achieved outstanding results…

Working with Butler & Co has been such a positive experience, helping me develop a suitible marketing strategy and generate high quality leads. Butler & Co are very professional and have a very strategic approach with lead generating. We’ve achieved outstanding results and through my experience, I can honestly recommend Butler & Co and the services 100%.

Maryanne Drosos

Blue Diamond Recruitment,

they delivered a practical and detailed strategy that suits our needs and reflects our values.

We recently engaged Butler & Co to create a marketing strategy for our Chartered Accounting firm which provides a full range of business services. They listened to our requirements and concerns and formulated a plan tailored to our specific circumstances. We feel they delivered a practical and detailed strategy that suits our needs and reflects our values and we are now working with Butler & Co to implement this.”

Chris Clarke

Clarke & Brownrigg Chartered Accountants,

a huge return on investment which was fantastic.

“We already had a practice development plan in place prior to working with Butler & Co and engaged them to maintain and mange our LinkedIn outreach strategy. They were flexible and adopted a tailored scope and plan that made sense for our business. Butler & Co managed the entire process which was fantastic for our own time management needs. It took us a couple of months to really get clicking, and then around months three or four, we really started to see a huge return on investment which was fantastic.

Mike Urness


05. Frequently Asked Questons

Please read through some of the frequently asked questions we get from business owners who are deciding whether our approach to marketing is the right solution for them.

How quickly until we start to see a ROI?

If you’re an established professional service business who is just getting started with marketing, or have had less than ideal experiences with other marketing providers, you’ll almost certainly enjoy an immediate ROI at the conclusion of the first 30-40 days of us working together. 

This is because you’ll receive tremendous clarity and value based on the activities we undertake together during this important strategy development and planning engagement. Not only will these findings lay the foundations of future marketing success, they’ll immediately improve your communication and conversations with any existing prospects who may be presently in your sales pipeline. This is because you’ll have far greater awareness and clarity around exactly what makes your ideal client tick and why they specifically choose you in preference to other options in your market.

ROI measured in terms of total dollars in vs dollars out depends entirely on the pre-existing marketing assets or campaigns you’ve already developed. In general, a business that is already actively marketing will see a ROI sooner, as compared to one that has never ‘marketed’ its business before (beyond perhaps the set-up of a basic website).

Do we have to start with Strategy? Can we just hire you to create a new website / do our social media / [insert individual marketing tactic here]?

A typical marketing related company offering Web Development, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, etc. will skip the marketing strategy and planning step altogether and then piecemeal their offering to you based on their preferred services and tactic(s).

This approach requires you, the client, to self-diagnose and select the specific marketing service(s) you require (and in what order).  At Butler and Co, we’re not a typical marketing company and our approach differs considerably.

We do not offer piecemeal marketing services to clients who want to skip strategy development. 

In fact, we don’t provide single marketing tactics to new or existing client partners either, as this approach significantly limits the benefits of taking a ‘total online presence’ or omnichannel approach to marketing.

If you don’t know what this means exactly, don’t worry. We’ll cover it off together during our upcoming session.

In short, strategy development has to come first and without it, you’re just guessing what should be done and in what order. Also, marketing ‘tactics’ executed in isolation and absent strategic planning will not work anywhere near as well as they should.

We already have a marketing manager in-house: can you be our ‘arms and legs’ to help with our workflows, marketing administration and/or task execution?

At the present time, we’re not taking on clients who already have a marketing strategist/manager employed in-house.

As the saying goes, ‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the broth’! 

If you are currently working with an existing external marketing provider or two, don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you need to go ahead and fire them right away. In fact, we’d strongly recommend you don’t do that at this stage. Keep going with whatever you already have for the moment and let’s see what makes sense at the conclusion of our first 30-40 days of working together and once we have a strategy and game plan mapped out.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee or guarantee success in any way?


Marketing companies who cater to the start-up or micro business market commonly offer new clients some form of the money-back guarantee. 

The reason they do this is that they consistently require new clients to sign on in order to replace old clients who frequently ‘churn out’ of their client base. They offer a money-back guarantee in order to entice a higher volume of new clients to onboard, knowing full well that most of these clients won’t bother asking for a refund.

At Butler & Co, we do not operate anything like these marketing companies. We are not operating a high-client-volume / low-value-delivery business model and so we view and treat each of our clients as partners. Our mindset from the very beginning of working with each new client is that they’ll be with us for the medium to long term.

Although never ‘locked in’ given our approach to escalating the relationship appropriately over three stages, most clients do end up seeing us as their marketing partner and stay for 12-months or more. Win-win is one of our core values and we view client success and long term client retention as a crucial component of our own business success. 

Therefore, instead of offering a silly ‘guarantee’ as some form of marketing trick, we’d much prefer to tell you exactly how it is right off the bat. We’d expect nothing less from you if our positions were reversed.

We stand by the quality of our work in terms of executing deliverables, meeting our agreements, campaign deadlines and so forth. We will always perform the services described in our proposal(s) to you with reasonable skill and care and behave as a partner; as if your business were our own.

However, it is very important for you to understand from the outset exactly what marketing can do as compared to what it cannot do. 

What makes marketing ‘work’ comes from the market itself, and not from any marketing service. Marketing itself cannot create the underlying desire for your services. It can only take the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the market and focus those already existing desires onto your particular service.

This is the marketers’ task: not to create mass desire – but to channel and direct the desire that already exists in the market towards you.

Therefore, there are many factors that contribute to the overall performance of any marketing campaign or business endeavour, including but not limited to the broader economy and your efforts. Naturally, therefore, we hope you can appreciate that we cannot warrant, guarantee or promise any level of performance or results. 

Our most successful clients already had the seeds of a successful business before choosing to work with us. Specifically, they had already proven their business fundamentals (e.g. service, product, pricing, etc.) and already had an established paying client base and following as a result. Our role in this relationship, therefore, is to help you better ‘amplify’ your pre-existing success; not to ‘business coach’ you into initial success in the first place.

If you still insist upon or require a money-back guarantee in order to proceed, it must be said that what you’re really asking for is to have a third party assume responsibility for what are your inherent business risks. The only guarantee we provide such people is that we are not the right solution for them.

How does your fee work?

Strategy Development is a 30-40 day, fixed-fee engagement with 50% of the amount due upon commencement of the engagement and prior to getting started, with the balance due either 30 days thereafter or prior to our ‘Meeting 4’ (whichever occurs first).

We execute Stage 2 as a 60-90 day fixed-fee, project-based engagement with a focus on developing the core marketing foundational assets identified during Stage 1 Strategy Development. A portion of the agreed project fee is due upfront and prior to commencing Stage 2, with the balance payable in equal instalments over the course of that project.

We execute Stage 3 as an ongoing monthly retainer scoped appropriately to suit your short, medium and long term business goals.

Please kindly note that we are a premium service with a proven track record, and our fees at all stages reflect this. We should not be considered by those looking for a ‘cheap’ marketing solution or expecting an immediate overnight success /  ‘get-rich-quick’ outcome.

If you aren’t keen on the idea of increasing your probability of marketing success by investing more in a premium solution, we probably aren’t the right choice for you.

If our fees are likely to place you in any form of financial distress (business, personal or otherwise), we most definitely are not the right choice for you.