Our Proven Methodology To Grow & Scale an Established professional services Business

As a business providing a professional service, your #1 marketing goal is to build trust as an expert in your field – locally or Australia wide.

Sure, you want more leads, but trust is how you build your business as the obvious choice in your market. Trust is what creates the higher-value leads, and also dramatically increases the probability of those leads converting into profitable client engagements.

Despite what others would love for you to believe, when it comes to marketing a professional service business, there is no ‘secret sauce’. It boils down to applying a proven methodology; one that has delivered positive ROI based outcomes for our clients time and time again.

Below are the 7 foundational elements of an effective professional services marketing Methodology.


When you sell a service, something akin to air, finding a way to stand out in the mind of your ideal client can be hard work. But, when it comes to marketing, it might be the most important discovery you can make.

To help discover a marketing strategy and execution plan sensible to your business, we:

  • Discover the characteristics of your most profitable clients that already refer and develop a strategy specifically designed to attract more of those;
  • Interview your current clients to discover the problems you really solve for them and the challenges they faced leading up to deciding to engage you in the first place;
  • Create a core brand strategy that targets the problems your ideal clients want to solve;
  • Create a 6-12 month marketing action plan, broken down by weekly action items and priority next steps.

Marketing lives and dies by developing Strategy Before Tactics – We think this step is so important that we start every engagement here with something we call Strategy Development – In fact, this is our starting point with all clients and works as a low-risk, stand alone engagement that leads into the following implementation steps.

2. Create Foundational Trust Building Assets And A WEBSITE Designed To Convert & DEMONSTRATES YOUR EXPERTISE

No matter what a business sells today your website is the hub of your marketing. It must be able to tell you and guide your prospects to take the actions that turn them into clients. To do this effectively, there are certain elements that professional services firm website must-have.

To help you develop foundational trust building assets and a website that drives growth we’ll:

  • Design a site structure and flow that engages visitors;
  • Create and feature your core message to help you stand out;
  • Draft and feature case studies showcasing the work you’ve done with your existing ideal clients (as appropriate) to help prospects know they are in the right place;
  • Professionally prepare and obtain written testimonials from your clients;
  • Build the content for your core web pages;
  • Add further case studies, authority pieces, whitepapers, video, testimonials and information packs that further help build trust;
  • Tell the full story of your firm, services and mission;
  • Build a compelling buyer’s journey to help move visitors to act.

Some of the content and websites we’ve created recently for our clients

Clarke & Brownrigg Chartered Accountants
  • Strategy Development
  • Authority Content
  • Client Feature Articles
  • Optimise Existing Website
  • Ongoing Marketing Plan Execution
Locate Buyers Agents Brisbane
  • Strategy Development
  • Authority Content
  • Client Success Interviews
  • Video Script Development & Integration
  • Design & Develop New Website
  • Ongoing Marketing Plan Execution
Aretex Operational Accounting & Data Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Authority Content
  • Case Study Preparation
  • Develop New Website Based On Pre-Existing Brand Guidelines

3. Develop A Plan To GEnerate Even More Referrals

Referrals sit at the core of every established professional services business and the digital landscape has not change that. It’s highly likely you already have an amazing group of clients and referral partners who know, like and trust you – so investing your marketing dollars appropriately to stimulate more of these often represents the ‘low hanging fruit’ and best use of budget.

With the right plan and execution, the quality and volume of our clients’ referrals increases considerably. This isn’t the ‘sexy’ side of digital marketing, although it sure is one of the most effective!

In order to stimulate more referrals, we’ll help:

  • Set-up an execute an appropriate referral program for your business;
  • Create and execute an informative monthly newsletter to help increase the visibility of your firm amongst your existing client base and network;
  • Leverage various digital marketing strategies to ensure your authority content is shown to existing your existing clients and network across the web (hint: There’s a reason why global brands continue to pay for television ads despite their already dominate market share. It’s because they know that trust increases with frequency of touch points. Right or wrong, the more your ‘seen’ as the expert, the more you ‘become’ the expert);
  • Look out for JV webinars and speaking opportunities to create win win outcomes for your clients, your business and your referral partners.

4. Create aN Ongoing content plan to further amplify your status as an expert

To help you build a content platform we’ll:

  • Audit, organise, and refresh your existing content;
  • Map out a calendar of themes for us to draw from;
  • Identify and design highly optimised content hub pages;
  • Integrate video content for trust-building and engagement;
  • Explore the addition of audio content such as a podcast.

    A few examples of how we leverage a content plan to increase the authority of our clients in their markets…

    Adelaide Accountants’ Guide To Growing Your Business & Family Net Worth
    Ultimate Guide To Buying Well In Brisbane
    Guide TO Providing Business Advisory Services

    5. Use social media to create awareness, engagement, and sharing

    Social media platforms offer many new ways to create awareness for your business, but they can also be a distraction if you don’t have a plan to use them strategically.

    To help you get the most from your social media we’ll:

    • Tune-up your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram;
    • Create a plan to focus the right message on the right plan;
    • Teach you how to capture those personal brand moments that create engagement;
    • Integrate your content, sharing, and paid social efforts to ensure you’re seen by the right audience.

    6. Create awareness and meetings with paid search and paid social

    Pay-per-click advertising offers some tremendous benefits in almost every professional services market – and we have the data to prove it.

    It’s also a place where you can potentially waste a great deal of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s often the subtle 1% decisions that make all the difference, which is why strategy development and appropriate asset creation must come first before paid advertising starts to make sense.

    That’s why it’s so important that you work with a marketing professional who understands how to implement effective online ad campaigns that are aligned with your overall strategy and ideal client profile.

    What’s both interesting and counterintuitive is that for the majority of professional service businesses, when it comes to paid advertising it frequently makes more sense to pay more for a new client rather than strive to pay less. For the majority of professionals in business, who are operating with limited resources and time constraints – it doesn’t make sense to generate an endless volume of ‘leads’ if those leads are lower in value and don’t match your ideal client profile.

    To help you get the most from your online adverting efforts we’ll:

    • Create targeted audiences based on your ideal client (not just any client);
    • Look for low-cost opportunities to get your authority content in front of those that are already familiar with your business;
    • Create funnels that build trust with interested prospects;
    • Create and test ads and campaigns focused generating leads and meetings with higher value clients.

    7. Access real-time reporting to see what’s working and what’s not

    The rise of digital marketing means the numbers are always trackable and measurable. Tracking the data is the only way to know what the exact return on on your marketing investment is.

    We don’t bury you in reports, but show concrete and clear results that make a difference to your business. Our 10-page monthly marketing pack allows for data driven decisions and ensures we’re delivering ROI focused results. It tracks dollars in compared to dollars out and ensures our project plan is always profitable.

    To help you get the most from your overall marketing efforts we’ll:

    • Help you construct a Lifetime Customer Value metric;
    • Develop conversion goals around your marketing campaigns;
    • Create a reporting dashboard and monthly marketing pack so you can monitor the progress of your marketing investment;
    • Install tracking tools that allow you to see where your best leads come from and to track each individual marketing activity back to revenue.

    The real beauty of a proven marketing system is that it can expand and mature just as your business expands and matures.

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