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Whether you are an accountant, consultant, financial planner, real estate professional, lawyer, recruiter or any form of professional adviser, you must understand that it is no longer enough for your firm to be the ‘best kept secret’ within your field of expertise.

Increasing the Visible Expertise of your firm is no longer optional if growth, team retention and/or succession planning are matters of importance to you.

Creating a total online presence, building a strategic referral network and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn appropriately are all ways of raising the Visible Expertise of your firm and can no longer be avoided.

In many markets, a certain marketing ‘hygiene standard’ needs to be met in order for your firm to be perceived as a credible option. 

This stuff now must be taken seriously.

You’ve tried other marketing firms and agencies… but they just don’t understand how to market a professional service.

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The Good News Is…

We combine our proven marketing strategy expertise with deep professional services industry experience to…

  1. Guide you through what works and what doesn’t;
  2. Help you prioritize, so that you get the highest impact for your efforts; and
  3. Work with you step-by-step to implement integrated marketing programs that actually get results.

Finally, a practical and action orientated solution tailored to the size of your firm that actually ‘gets’ the marketing of professional services.

At Butler & Co Marketing we help professional service firms streamline their marketing and business development approach by providing proven, practical and simple marketing and business development systems.

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Who we work with

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Consultants, Advisers & Sole Practitioners

We have helped to grow dozens of small professional service firms by providing a simple, effective, and affordable approach to marketing. We start with the clarity that comes with a well thought out marketing strategy and the right tactics delivered at the right time. Our ‘Next Generation Firms’ coaching program is a practical, ‘done-with-you’ solution that strikes the right balance.

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Established Firms

Our ‘Strategy First’ approach to marketing ensures you’re not spending unnecessary time or effort reinventing the wheel or executing the wrong tactics that are not suitable for your firm. We map out a core message strategy and actionable marketing plan customised to your firm, team, background and existing client base. Once we have that plan, we can implement it for you or help you execute with your existing resources.

Our mission

To help professional service firms streamline their business development approach, increase revenue and grow strategically by providing proven, practical and simple marketing and business development systems.

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Some of the experts we serve

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What Firm Leaders Say About Us

“Butler & Co managed the entire process which was fantastic for our own time management needs. It took us a couple of months to really get clicking, and then around months three or four, we really started to see a huge return on investment which was fantastic.”

Mike U.

CEO, Financial Management Firm

“Absolutely thrilled with Butler & Co’s program and the results that have transpired. Would absolutely recommend the program, and Butler & Co really goes out of the way to make this work for you!”

Naomi D.

Director, VIrtual CFO

“Thank you to Butler & Co for all your hard work. The campaign has definitely resulted in connections with our target market leading to some promising leads. I didn’t need to spend a lot of time each day… from both a cost and time perspective, it has really been pretty efficient!”

Jack A.

Principal, Insolvency Firm

“Butler & Co is very professional and have a very strategic approach with lead generating, and through my experience, I can honestly recommend Trent and the services 100%.”

Maryanne D.

Director, Recruitment Firm

“Trent is fantastic to work with. We engaged Butler & Co to assist with our marketing strategy and with their approach I feel they really captured the essence of our business and understands our strengths in a way that will allow us to efficiently leverage those strengths and grow our business.”

Shane H.

Director, Buyers Agent

“I just want to say what a positive experience it has been working with Butler & Co. What I particularly liked was the mix of tools and feedback that helped me connect with my ideal clients in a systematic way which saved me so much time.”

Debra B.

Director, Real Estate Professional

About Butler & Co

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Trent Butler is the founder and principal of Butler & Co Marketing & Strategy (BCMS). 

Trent’s path to marketing success has been an unconventional one, having previously worked his way up the ranks as a Chartered Accountant in practice across the three ‘tiers’ of the accounting profession (working for a small boutique practice, a mid-tier firm and PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the ‘big 4’ accounting firms).

It’s been through this unique vantage point that Trent has developed a different approach to marketing and practice development. The approach advocates a ‘strategy’ before ‘tactics’ approach, investing up front to build out a plan suitable to your firm’s unique background, experience and budget before launching into execution.

By combining strategic marketing acumen honed through working with dozens of professional services firms, with real world experience as a practitioner, BCMS has become a valuable “turnkey” solution for small to mid-sized professional service firms.

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Duct Tape Marketing is a strategic marketing methodology built specifically for and proven in thousands of small businesses and professional service firms. We have extensive training in these methods and leverage the Duct Tape Marketing consultant network to extend the marketing power of your firm.

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