We Help Six-Figure Service Businesses Grow to Seven-Figures & Beyond 

We’re determined to 3x the profits of one hundred $500k to $5M EBITDA per year Australian service-based businesses over the next five years.

We Believe That Growing A Service Business Is A Process, Not An Outcome.

About Trent Butler

We’re not like any other marketing agency or business coach. We’re not taking on clients at scale which, in our view, results in a “churn and burn” style business model.

Rather, my approach is about no ‘BS’, honesty and transparency. Our model is to work hand-in-hand with a smaller volume of exceptionally talented partners and let their results do our talking.

As you’ll see, I’ve built Butler & Co with the goal of having a portfolio of the best-performing businesses. I believe that i’m only as good as the results I deliver my partners, and so that’s where my team and I spend the majority of our time day to day.

Prior to commencing my entrepreneurial journey in 2018, I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and spent over 10-years working across three different firms spanning the three ‘tiers’ of the accounting profession (a small boutique, mid-tier and the ‘big 4’ firm – Pricewaterhouse Coopers).

I believe the real reason to grow a service business is to create genuine career advancement and progression opportunities for the team’s ‘A-Players’, whilst making the founders’ dreams a reality as part of the process. I also deeply appreciate the ‘buying journey’ of how prospects conduct their due diligence and choose a professional service provider in the modern digital world.

We understand that as your business grows and thrives, so will our partnership. So let’s talk, I promise it will be a breath of fresh air.

Our Offerings

If you’re an established business with a proven service/market fit and a desire to grow, here’s how we can help.

Growth Partner (DOne-For-You)

If you currently own or operate a service business with sales of $500,000 to $5 million or more and want to leverage, grow, scale and/or exit that business, then we would like to speak with you about partnering with us.

We partner with businesses that have already found their product-market fit and are ready to scale up and experience significant rapid growth.

Depending on the circumstances, we can provide strategy, resources and execution assistance in growing and/or exiting your business.

For more information e-mail Trent at
[email protected] or telephone (02) 8091 1765.

Why Partner With Us

Here’s how we’re different and why our partners choose us:

We Understand Premium Professional Services

Butler & Co Founder Trent Butler, is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 10-years experience in working across three tiers of the accounting profession (a small boutique, mid-tier and ‘big 4’ firm). He deeply appreciates how prospects choose a service provider and ensures your growth strategy is prepared and executed accordingly.

We’re Revenue Obsessed

We don’t care for vanity metrics: we track leads, sales, profit and cashflow. Through our easy to understand reporting, you’ll know exactly how we’re tracking against pre-defined goals and budget.

Selective Partnerships

Where appropriate, we put our money where our mouth is by structuring a portion of our remuneration as contingent on achieving our pre-agreed goals. This forces us to prioritise who we partner with and only become involved where we’re certain we can add value and achieve a positive win/win outcome. 

Data-Backed Decision Making

Every decision we make with clients is well-reasoned and backed by the data we collect and show you as part of our process.

Progress In Stages

We’re conservative by nature and so believe in progressing with every relationship in stages. We always define the goalposts in advance so you know exactly what is going to be achieved and by when. 

Direct Point of Contact

We won’t put clueless account managers or junior staff between us and you. Every client works directly one-on-one with Trent Butler. You’ll be working directly day-to-day with the person who is in the trenches and is executing growth plans with other quality businesses just like yours.

Just A Few Select Case Studies & Testimonials

We take tremendous pride in concrete results we help deliver for our partners.

Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Marketing Services

Locate Brisbane Buyers Agency

Locate Buyers Agency in Brisbane has been partnering with Butler & Co for 18+ months and we’re consistently deliver a 10x return on their capital investment.

“…the team is always quick to act, our lead volume has increased by over 900%. It’s been transformative to our business and helped us go to the next level. I would have no hesitation in recommending Butler & Co to any sized service business.”

Shane Hiscock, Founder & Buyers Agent, Locate Buyers Agency

    Arc medical AccountaNts

    Arc Business Partners approached Butler & Co to create a growth plan for their accounting firm and to be their growth partner to assist with ongoing execution.

    “Wow very promising stats actually…Can’t wait to ramp this up next year given the high enquiry to click through rate and high organic search rate (with no SEO!)”

    James Livingston, Founder & CEO, Arc Medical Accountants


    APL Insolvency Melbourne

    “Thank you to Butler & Co for all your hard work. The campaign has definitely resulted in connections with our target market and new clients. I From both a cost and time perspective, it has really been pretty efficient and we’re looking forward to the long term relationship.”

    Jack Abeyratne, Principle & Registered Liquidator, APL Insolvency

    “We recently engaged Butler & Co to create a marketing strategy for our Chartered Accounting firm which provides a full range of business services. They listened to our requirements and concerns and formulated a plan tailored to our specific circumstances. We feel they delivered a practical and detailed strategy that suits our needs and reflects our values and we are now working with Butler & Co to implement this.”

    Chris Clarke

    Partner, Clarke & Brownrigg Chartered Accountants Adelaide

    Working with Butler & Co has been such a positive experience, helping me develop a suitable marketing strategy and generate high quality leads. Butler & Co are very professional and have a very strategic approach with lead generating. We’ve achieved outstanding results and through my experience, I can honestly recommend Butler & Co and the services 100%.

    Maryanne Drosos

    Founder & Director, Blue Diamond Recruitment

    Butler & Co managed the entire process which was fantastic for our own time management needs. It took us a couple of months to really get clicking, and then around months three or four, we really started to see a huge return on investment which was fantastic.”

    Mike Urness

    CEO, CFO-One Business Advisors

    Do You Qualify?

    Right or wrong, we believe that the results we help our partners achieve originate from their pre-existing business success. Therefore, we only partner with clients who meet the following criteria:

    You Are Already Established

    You own or manage an established service-based business and have a clearly established service/market fit. You’re profitable, with healthy cash flow and established operational processes.

    You Have Raving Fan Clients

    You have at least 10 pre-existing clients who are delighted with the outcome(s) achieved by working with you and who represent the ideal client with whom you’d like to attract more.

    You’re The Premium Option

    You are providing one to two premium services where each new client or project results in at least $10,000+ in gross income to you (ideally $30,000 to $100,000+). 

    You Have A Growth Mindset

    You have a growth mindset and you are ready to invest to grow your business. You’re doing so to make an even more positive impact and to create new personal and professional progression opportunities for both yourself and your team.